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11th Dec 2014

Video: Heartwarming moment when a young Special Olympian meets his Leinster heroes

This is great stuff from Leinster

Ben Kiely

With all this palaver over sports stars not being adequate role models, it’s great to see some of them giving back to the community.

Check out this great clip of Leinster duo Marty Moore and Dominic Ryan meeting a passionate young Leinster fan. The pair showed up to Ballinamere National School in Offaly to see Daniel Dunne, an 11-year-old Special Olympics Leinster team swimmer who was nominated to be the match day mascot for the Harlequins game in the Champions Cup this Saturday. Daniel also recently won two medals in the breast stroke.

Daniel, who identifies himself as a hardcore Leinster rugby fan, was caught completely off guard as Ryan and Moore surprised him with a brand new match kit and VIP tickets for the game. The camera crew went to the school under the guise of filming a training session as an example of the work being done in rugby development throughout the province but were really there to capture the moment Daniel was presented with the amazing honour by two of his heroes. He will walk out in front of over 40,000 supporters on Saturday evening.

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