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14th Apr 2015

The film inspired by Gareth Thomas will be set in Ireland, and the main character will be called Michael Collins

This could be one of the worst films ever made

Neil Treacy

Remember that much-talked about film about the life of Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas?

Well, it looks like after several years, it’s going to be made, and will be set in Ireland, because Americans apparently don’t know what Wales is.

Originally meant to be a movie about the Thomas himself, it’s now instead going to be inspired by his story.

The Sun say that the film, which will be called “Irish Thunder”, will star 62-year old Mickey Rourke as Mick “The Blade” Collins. You read that right. He’s going to be playing Michael Collins.

The film will be inspired by Thomas’ story after he came out as a gay rugby player in 2009. Thomas has spoken at length about the project in the past, but the powers that be have decided to set it in Ireland rather than Wales, in a bid to sell it to the large Irish-American audience.

On top of that, they say that Ray Winstone and Vinnie Jones will also be set to star in the film, along with Milla Jovovich and Jon Voight.

They say filming could begin by the end of the year, and while this film sounds like it’s going to be outrageously bad, I really can’t wait to see the end product.

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