Simon Zebo just burned Tiernan O'Halloran with the "mother" of all comebacks 4 years ago

Simon Zebo just burned Tiernan O'Halloran with the "mother" of all comebacks

You're going to need some cream for that burn, Tiernan.

It's been a pretty good season for both Tiernan O'Halloran and Simon Zebo.


Although O'Halloran has found appearances for Ireland limited, his reputation has only grown this season.

He has put in a huge number of outstanding performances for Connacht and is probably the western province's best player this season.

His most recent of which came in the disappointing loss to Leinster at the Sportsground on Saturday where he posted some serious numbers.

Zebo, on the other hand, has enjoyed one of his most consistent seasons.

He has become such a reliable player for both Ireland and Munster it is impossible to leave him out any team.


He still has that pace and x-factor but he now established a grasp of the essentials which has developed him into a great player.

Both players look set to fight it out for the Irish full-back jersey in years to come but it's good to see that they are mates off the pitch too.

The two are quite active on Twitter and O'Halloran decided to have a little dig at Zebo when he announced that he would be at the opening of a new Easons in Limerick.


O'Halloran then took a pop at Zebo's literary skills.


Before the mother of all comebacks.

A mother joke? Yes, it's definitely something you would head in secondary school but it's hilarious nonetheless.