Fijian player sent off for picking the referee up in celebration 2 years ago

Fijian player sent off for picking the referee up in celebration

Can you feel the love tonight?

The Pro D2 bore witness to some strange scenes on Friday evening, when a player was sent off for picking the referee up in celebration.


In France's second tier of professional rugby, hosts Beziers were up against visitors Nevers when the incident occurred.

The away side were leading 30-25 in the dying moments of the game when it all became a little too much for Nevers player Josaia Raisuqe.

The former Stade Francais man was elated to see his side pick up the victory. He probably enjoyed it too much.

So pleased was Raisuqe with the win that he celebrated by picking the referee up. We're not just talking about an overzealous hug. He quite literally lifted him in the air, above his head, in scenes reminiscent of the Lion King.


It's the circle of life.

Just as the circle of life brings with it an inevitable demise, Raisuqe's night out on the pitch was also about to come to an end.

He was promptly sent off by the referee, who clearly didn't take kindly to being hoisted up in the air.


By the letter of the law, you can't place your hands on the ref. But you could also argue the red card was slightly harsh, and not quite in the spirit of the game.

Either way, while Josaia Raisuqe's evening was one of mixed emotions, his side still held on for the win. Both sides are some way off the top of the Pro D2 table, however, so the referee will probably be the only item lifted above Nevers' heads this season.