Ronan O'Gara's comments about Irish mentality compared to France will make you proud to be from Ireland 4 years ago

Ronan O'Gara's comments about Irish mentality compared to France will make you proud to be from Ireland

It's all about working for each other.

Ronan O'Gara has seen it all. A grand slam, a couple of European Cups and 1083 international points for Ireland and the British Irish Lions makes him a pretty trustworthy voice to listen to.


The former Munster fly half has done it all and seen it all and is now currently coaching at Racing 92 and has seen his fair share of players of all nationalities and more importantly he has seen their attitudes towards the game.

O'Gara highlighted the differences in mentality between the French and Irish when it comes to the game and had nothing but praise for his homeland when discussing the topic.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Hard Yards the 40-year-old said:


"In France, if you sign a player and he becomes overweight it becomes acceptable. If that was in Ireland you would have the senior players in that club doing fitness with him, getting the best out of him, managing his lifestyle to make sure he drops the weight.

"In France it’s just viewed upon as acceptable, it’s a small thing but yet it’s a massive thing because you could have a player that is 10 kg overweight punishing the team but isn’t too driven to shift the weight.

"What happened in Ireland would be that he would absolutely train hard, live well, eat well, he’d get a six week window period if he’s playing ball with his teammates the lads will do everything for him but if he’s taking the piss out of them he’ll be dropped and he’ll be sent home.

"I just think that the value in Irish rugby are only seen when you leave it. When you’re there you think it’s really tough and it’s hard being an impact sub but it is an unbelievable squad environment.


"Obviously, I’d be friendly with a lot of Leinster guys but in Munster, in Irish camp, I think it’s something we as Irish people are very good at. I think we’re unbelievably hard working and driven and you look in France and that’s the great thing about the great reasons about staying here, you have the New Zealand culture, the Australian culture, the South African culture, the Georgian culture, the Fijian culture, the Anglo Saxon culture, the Argentinian culture so you get to see everything and after four years you get to see the mental side of it too and I just think there’s great learnings in that regard to sometimes as Irish we don’t back ourselves enough.