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04th Mar 2017

WATCH: New Zealand prop pulls off outrageous skill that would put most backs to shame

20 stone of pure skill

Ben Kiely

They must side-step out the womb with a rugby ball in hand in New Zealand.

New Zealanders are just genetically engineered to play rugby, it seems. At pretty much every level, every age group and in every position, their rugby players have a knack for being just more skilled at the game than your average mortal.

Take for example, Atunaisa Moli of the Chiefs.

He’s a 21-year-old prop who tips the scales at around 280 lbs. To put that into perspective, the upper limit for UFC heavyweights is 265 lbs. So it’s fair to say he’s a big boy.

Generally speaking, big boys don’t dance their way around fleet-footed attackers, but that’s exactly what Moli did during his side’s victory over against the Blues in the second round of the Super Rugby the other day.

Moli had a moment of magic when he sent a tackler the wrong way with a dummy pass, cut inside and sped forward a few yards. When he was eventually caught and brought down, he managed to pull off an incredible offload around an opposition player to find his man.

Then the bloody backs had to go and mess it up with a knock-on. Check it out below.

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