New footage emerges of Owen Farrell's tunnel clash before England's defeat to Scotland 4 years ago

New footage emerges of Owen Farrell's tunnel clash before England's defeat to Scotland

It was a day of wildly mixed emotions for Owen Farrell.

The England centre played extremely well for Eddie Jones' side. He scored a try, had another chalked off for a knock-on but was also involved in a tunnel scuffle just prior to kick-off in England's Calcutta Cup defeat to Scotland at Murrayfield on Saturday.


As both sets of players headed for the dressing room following the warm-up, television cameras caught Farrell clashing with Ryan Wilson. BBC reporter Sonja Mclaughlan said that Farrell had to be restrained by a number of his teammates having become increasingly angry.

Below is the original footage of the incident. Scotland won the match 25-13 - their first Six Nations win over England since 2008.

However, new footage has emerged from a different angle, offering a different angle and a much closer look at what happened between Farrell and Wilson. Have a look at it below.


As you can see, Farrell seems to be in a rush to get into the dressing room, but collides with the Scotland team. However, rather frustratingly, the camera fails to follow the players further down the tunnel. A bit like the original footage, it's inconclusive.

According to reports, Farrell did not instigate the incident but both teams have been asked to explain the incident.


Jones unsurprisingly didn't give anything away when asked about the incident.

"I've been coaching a game. I've been pretty busy. Are you aware of it? You can show it to me after the press conference, then we can have a chat about it," Jones said during his post-match press conference.

"In all seriousness, I don't know about it. If there was, we shouldn't let that detract from a great Scotland victory. Don't get distracted by other things. Have you got an Iphone 10? The vision's better on an Iphone 10."