Munster's new jersey is as ugly as sin 5 years ago

Munster's new jersey is as ugly as sin

If 'next is everything', can we have the next Munster jersey now, please?

There is a tendency for rugby teams to go 'all out' with their alternate jerseys, and Munster rugby have a history of following this trend.


For the 2016/17 season, Munster took a risk with their third shirt. Although it did divide the masses, we were big fans of the navy effort.

While the front of the jersey was certainly eh... shall we say, a bit busy, we actually liked the addition of the electric blue stag. It was just different enough to be interesting in our books.


Perhaps we were such big fans of Munster's kit because Leinster's alternate shirt in the same season was a crime against fashion.


We're well aware that rugby jerseys aren't designed to look good, but they're not supposed to intentionally look awful either.

Nor are they meant to induce vomiting.


Before you take a look at Munster's new alternate jersey for the upcoming campaign, you should probably prepare yourself by reading the description from the official press release.

"The design inspiration for the new alternate jersey has been taken from the battle armour worn by ancient kings of Munster; the stunning dark grey alternate jersey incorporates a subtle antler-themed tapestry within the design, with the Munster Rugby crest in a timeless silver trim."

You've got a good, vivid image in your head of what it might look like then? It must make them look like warriors on a battlefield, ready to stand up and fight, right?

Well, judge for yourselves. Here's what they actually came up with under that brief.


Not their best effort.