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01st Jun 2023

Mack Hansen shows off new Andy Farrell tattoo after Grand Slam vow

Patrick McCarry

Mack Hansen

We have the Connacht winger and Johnny Sexton to thank for this!

Mack Hansen told SportsJOE, a week after winning the 2023 Six Nations Grand Slam, that he would get a tattoo of Andy Farrell somewhere on his person. He has proved good on those words.

The 25-year-old, who already has a tattoo of Connacht teammate Oisín Dowling on his leg, and joked on House of Rugby, last year, that it may have come out looking more like Buzz Lightyear:

When we spoke with Mack Hansen, sitting in his car after his first training session back with Connacht, he was booked in for another tattoo after that Grand Slam triumph, all thanks to Johnny Sexton and his own sense of bravado.

Asked if he is booked in to go under the tattoo artist’s needle any time soon, Hansen told us:

“I’m gonna get ‘Grand Slam, baby’ somewhere. Just the one, I think, that’d be great to have, I don’t know where I’m gonna put it yet, but yeah, Grand Slam, baby.

“Yeah, it was like a bit of a started off as a bit of a joke – like passing comment that if we won a Grand Slam, I’d get [Andy Farrell] Faz’ face put on me somewhere. I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, right’ or whatever.

“And then, like nine weeks later, Johnny Sexton brought it up and remembered. So he put it to me and I guess, as a man of my word, I’ll have to get that as well.

“So it’ll be coming in the next, next couple of weeks when I get a bit of time… I mean, like if you, you can’t go saying stuff like that when you’ve already done it because they know you’re going to get it done. So now you have to get it done.

Hansen appeared on Hamilton’s ‘Big Jim Show’, earlier this week and the former Scotland international asked him to send proof that he had got the Andy Farrell tattoo. Sure enough…

Looks dead-on for Andy Farrell, no doubt.

We wonder what the Connacht and Ireland star has lined up, body-art-wise, if his team do wonders at the World Cup.


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