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23rd Sep 2023

Mack Hansen makes post-match slip up in breathless, brilliant interview

Lee Costello

Mack Hansen

“I swore, sorry.”

Mack Hansen dropped the F-bomb during a live interview on ITV and it wasn’t the first time, but given what just happened it’s easy to understand why.

Ireland defeated South Africa in a thrilling World Cup match, that saw the world number one team beat the reigning world champions.

There was so much hype and pressure thrust onto this Irish side, so when they finally came up against a major test like the Springboks and to get over the line was a massive moment for the country.

It was a tight affair that didn’t have a lot of scores, but the intensity was out of this world and the atmosphere was simply incredible, as Hansen so eloquently explains.

“It was pretty much like Grand Slam on steroids out there. It was crazy. It said that there were 80,000, it seemed like there were F***… oh pardon, pardon – again, dam!

“It seemed like there were 800,000.”

At this point Hansen was looking over at someone of camera who was clearly bemused by his reaction, only for the Ireland star to reply: “I swore, sorry.”

“No it was incredible, and we needed that crowd to get that job done against a really good South Africa team. They are just so big and physical, they still showed up tonight, and it was definitely the fans who got us over there.”

Hansen scored a try that proved to be decisive in the end, but he took his time in getting the ball down to the ground which made some fans a bit nervous.

“Looking at it, it was a lot closer for comfort than I would have liked, but I was just trying to make the kick easier for Johnny (Sexton) he’s getting a bit old now and can’t get the same distance that he used to, and I thought if I could sneak it around a lot more it would just make his life a lot easier.

“I knew what I was doing obviously, obviously.”

We believe you Mack, we believe you.

Full clip here on ITV (for anyone not geo-blocked!)


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