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25th Jan 2023

Johnny Sexton on Six Nations documentary, and two Ireland players Netflix should follow

Jason Hennessy

“It’ll be a challenge trying to keep some secrets!”

Excitement levels ahead of the 2023 Six Nations were already at a high with a World Cup on the horizon, but Netflix’s announcement that they will be filming a Drive to Survives style documentary during it, has sent fans into overdrive.

Formula One has reached unprecedented levels of popularity as a result of their series, and many feel this could be a huge step forward for rugby, as it continues its efforts to become a truly global sport.

Those of us that follow the game know exactly how exciting a sport it can be, but giving people access to the players and an opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes of some of the biggest teams in the world, is only going to cast the net wider and draw in more fans.

Ireland have given us a snippet of this in the past with some of their documentaries, with their recent All Blacks feature going down a treat over the Christmas period. And captain Johnny Sexton reckons the Netflix deal is a real positive for rugby.

“We’ve been told it’s happening, so it’ll be interesting,” Sexton said.

“It’ll be good for the game, I think. Having them in our environments it’ll be a challenge trying to keep some secrets away from other countries!

“But hopefully we can build a relationship with the guys that come into our camp and be a good viewing for everyone else.”

On the latest House of Rugby [LISTEN from 13:00 below], another Ireland star in Robbie Henshaw, picked two Irish players he reckons Netflix should follow this year.

“I know they’ll want to follow Tadhg Furlong. 100%,” Henshaw said

“I’m just going to say Bundee because I’m good mates with him. He’s an exciting character with all his good energies, so I think they’d get some good content from him.”

Asked who the producers might be better off avoiding, a grin breaks out across his face…

“Probably Bundee!”

“No, it’s a great camp and a cool environment so I think whoever they film will have good footage.”

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