Joe Schmidt is now one of us as Kiwi becomes a 100% certified Irishman 3 years ago

Joe Schmidt is now one of us as Kiwi becomes a 100% certified Irishman

Kiwi no more

Joe Schmidt has been in Ireland for a good few years at this stage, but as a man born in New Zealand he probably always felt a bit of an outsider no matter how much success he's brought to our Irish teams.

Even with his status as the most popular Kiwi in the country right now, the Ireland rugby boss was still not considered 'one of our own' and we all know how we hate 'blow-ins.'

Well that's not true anymore as the former Leinster coach is now officially a 100% certified and guaranteed Irish citizen.

The rugby coach along with Richardt Strauss and the IRFU's Olly Hodges have all been granted full citizenship at a ceremony in Dublin today.

The lads all look delighted but Richardt, well he's less enthused.

Maybe someone asked him to explain the tuiseal ginideach

Schmidt has been in Ireland for over five years, and as a non-Irish national you can apply for a process called 'naturalisation' to become an Irish citizen but you must fit the criteria as laid out by the government.

Some of the expectations that apply to those hoping for an Irish passport include:

  • Be of good character - Back to back Six Nations has that taken care of 
  • Intend in good faith to continue to reside in the State after naturalisation That big contract from the IRFU takes care of that 
  • Make a declaration of fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the State We think that's been proven over the last few years 

After today's news we expect him to belting out the national anthem at closing time in the bar after we win the World Cup in October.