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17th Nov 2014

French press link Paul O’Connell with move to France after World Cup

Say it ain't Pau

Sean Nolan

The big man surely wouldn’t leave Munster, would he?

While we spend a lot of time obsessing over football transfer rumours in this part of the world, in France, rugby rumours are also big business. With entire newspapers devoted to the sport, there are lots of pages to fill and transfer gossip in and out of France’s two big divisions features heavily.

One paper, Midi Olympique, has a rather juicy rumour for Irish rugby fans on its front page today, where it links Paul O’Connell with a move to France after the World Cup next year.

Inside, according to Gavin Mortimer, O’Connell is being persued by Pau, currently top of D2 in France, and the team are also coached by former Munster backroom man Simon Mannix.

O’Connell just turned 35 but he is still at the top of his game so he could certainly do a fine job in the Top 14. However, he surely wouldn’t leave Munster, would he?

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