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26th Oct 2015

David Pocock’s World Cup turnover stats deserve to be shouted from a rooftop

The jackal

Patrick McCarry

“David Pocock could open a bakery with the amount of turnovers he makes” – Louis Freeman, Twitter user, October 26 2015.

We have already heralded the Australian back-row after his superhuman performance against Argentina in the World Cup semi-final.

However, after wrapping our eyes around the latest statistics from World Rugby, it is only right that we celebrate the magnificence of the Zimbabwe-born No.8.

In his four World Cup outings, Pocock has a quite ridiculous 14 turnovers. He secured four against a fearsome Argentina pack on Sunday.

No other player at the tournament is in double figures.

Pocock stats

The best Irish players, in terms of turnovers, were Iain Henderson and Chris Henry. The Ulster forwards secured five apiece.

Including the World Cup, this is Pocock’s year in turnovers.

The 27-year-old was the talk of Twitter on Sunday and, after settling down to watch a David Attenborough narrated wildlife show, Pocock responded to a couple of the best tributes.