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03rd May 2018

Dave Kearney’s training day diet compared to what he eats on a normal day

Patrick McCarry

“I try get around to Rhys Ruddock’s house at least once a week!”

Most of the Leinster lads are decent at cooking their own grub but, even for those that are not, senior performance nutritionist Daniel Davey has them covered.

Davey, who also works closely with the Dublin footballers, is the God-send that posts up new, fool-proof recipes for the players to try out and even videos showing them all the step-by-step details.

Dave Kearney would consider himself to be a decent cook but if he ever tires of the routine, he’ll always find a teammate willing to join him for a meal out [no burgers or pizzas] or a trip to Ruddock’s house for a slap-up serving.

Since Kearney came into the Leinster academy, a decade ago, he has noticed how much player nutrition and protein intake have taken on greater importance. The days of loading up on pasta then hitting the gym for a whopper weights session have moved on slightly.

The Leinster and Ireland winger shared his training day diet and what he would have on a down day.

Training Day

Breakfast: Overnight oats (porridge oats, milk, yoghurt, fruit, scoop of whey protein)

Snack: Protein shake on the drive in to training.

Second breakfast: Eggs, bacon, tomato and spinach OR protein pancakes

Gym session followed by shake with protein.

Lunch: Chicken with pesto and tomato and potatoes OR chicken curry with cous cous

Pitch session, often with another shake after that.

Snack: A couple of lean meats (turkey or ham), occasionally some salad. Fruit and yoghurt with nuts.

Dinner: Sweet potato and lasagna.

Down day

“Not as much carbs and protein as you would have that all that in your system and not be burning it off.”

Breakfast: Eggs with tomato, spinach and bacon.

Snack: Yoghurt and fruit.

Lunch: Salad with lean meats.

Dinner: Steak OR chicken with cous cous and a bit of veg.

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