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22nd Feb 2015

As far as bizarre sporting injuries go, Martin Castrogiovanni’s is right up there

Who let the dogs out?

Darragh Murphy

When you’re as big and intimidating a character as Martin Castrogiovanni, it’d be safe to assume that it would take a lot to rule you out of action. A broken leg perhaps or concussion. Or, you know, getting bitten in the face by a dog.

The Toulon prop is unable to play for Italy when they travel to Murrayfield on Saturday because he was forced to get 14 stitches after being bitten by a friend’s pooch.

According to Rainews, the details of the incident are as yet unknown but they quote a statement from the Italian Rugby Federation which refers to a “mild domestic accident” in which the big man, originally from Argentina, was playing with the dog before it turned on him and started snapping at Castrogiovanni’s nose.

The irony of his Twitter avatar is glorious.


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