The FootballJOE Pub Quiz: Week 1 10 months ago

The FootballJOE Pub Quiz: Week 1


By now, you've almost certainly stumbled across the now-legendary JOE Friday Pub Quiz. Well, consider this its slightly smaller, football-specific little brother.


To mark the kick-off of a new season, we're launching the FootballJOE Pub Quiz - to run every Monday from now on.

We'll give you five rounds of four questions. The first will always test you on the week or weekend that was, while the other four will likely change as time goes on.

This week, for obvious reasons, we've included rounds on Lionel Messi and the Premier League. There's also a brief test of your knowledge of football badges (which might seem familiar) before we finish things off with the Final Round. You'll probably work that one out from the title.

Best of luck. And remember: your otherwise-pointless football knowledge means nothing unless you can gloat about it to your mates, so don't forget to share your unbeatable score with them when you're done.


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