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01st Jan 2024

The SportsJOE Christmas quiz | Day 10

Patrick McCarry

SportsJOE Christmas quiz

Happy New Year Quiz!

On the first day of 2024, the SportsJOE Christmas quiz is here to test your sporting knowledge.

Many of you got close to top marks on the first offering. Day two proved a bit tougher but we went easier on you on day three, and mixed it up on day four. As for day five, that was a doozy. Day six, now, that was a whopper! On day seven, the average score was 15/20, before ye pulled it back (a smidge) on day eight and did well in our New Year’s Eve offering.

We have 20 questions across four categories – Movies & TV, Geography, Records and General Knowledge – that will test your wits, and bring back a few sporting memories.

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Hopefully you fared well in that Christmas quiz.

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