The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 7 1 year ago

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 7

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What a week it's been.


If you're a Tottenham fan, then things are looking pretty grim for you, so we have decided to make this quiz to cheer you up.

If you're not a Tottenham fan and have been enjoying their demise, then things are about to get better, because we have made this brilliant quiz for you!

Okay you got us, the quiz is pretty much for everyone - well, everyone who thinks they know their sport that is.

Pub Quiz


We cover a wide range of topics, sports and events in this weekly quiz, and not to brag, but it's pretty difficult.

In fact, anything over 10 is pretty much impossible, which of course isn't true, but it's still really hard.

If you watched the football this week then you're at an advantage, but be warned, you will need to know your stuff about American sports and just about everything else as well.

Try your luck anyway and let us know how you get on.


Good luck!

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