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10th Oct 2023

Quiz: Name these 20 Premier League defenders from the 2000s



Now you’re going back.

If you’re a millennial, then you should be absolutely acing this quiz about Premier League defenders in the 2000s, because we all know that’s when football peaked anyway.

Any old football fan can name the strikers, the midfielders, the number 10s, the names that fill all of the back pages in sports papers – but only those who really know their onions, remember the defenders.

This was long before VAR entered the scene as well, so we’re talking about proper defenders – bone-crushing, blood-lusting, battling warriors who loved nothing more than rattling a fancy Dan to the floor.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t get any higher than 15, there’s still an important place for you ‘casual fans’ in the football world, but if you get under 10 then I’m afraid you’re no longer allowed an opinion on the sport (we don’t make the rules).

Good luck!

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