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12th Dec 2023

Anything over 15 would be an impressive score in this general knowledge sports quiz

Patrick McCarry

general knowledge

Much loved, and still as tough as they come.

Back in March 2020 – when the world seemed more uncertain and locked down – we started up the 12 o’clock sports quiz. The idea was to bring you a general knowledge sports quiz each day, at noon.

The premise was simple. As we wrote, almost four years ago:

‘Four categories, 20 questions, only one will succeed (unless more of you do). Across TV, geography, history and general knowledge, we’ll be putting your sporting credentials to the test every midday with a good old-fashioned pub quiz.’

The quiz turned out to be one of our most popular in recent years and kept you, our loyal readers and followers, entertained and challenged all the way until things started to open up again.

We want to know, today, how many out of 20 you will get in this gem from the SportsJOE quizzing archives. Good luck!

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