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05th Apr 2016

WATCH: Paige VanZant’s MMA-inspired routine on Dancing With The Stars was pretty damn awesome

Budget Ido Portal alert

Ben Kiely

Paige VanZant’s got some dance moves.

Last week, the UFC rising star surprised a lot of people with her sensational performance on Dancing With The Stars, with a phenomenal… I want to say Salsa number.

On Monday night, the strawweight fighter stepped up her game with another impressive routine, but this one was slightly different. 12 Gauge’s routine this week was inspired by her fighting career and featured kicks, a superman punch, a budget Ido Portal lookalike dance partner and to cap it all off, it took place in a makeshift Octagon.

As we’re not, we’re not entirely sure how technical the performance was. However, it certainly looked impressive to someone who has less rhythm and flow than a Ray D’Arcy interview.

Check out VanZant shining brightly on the long-running US celebrity dance show in the video embedded below.