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24th Jan 2017

WATCH: Ridiculous four-second knockout is going viral… for obvious reasons


Ben Kiely

Blazo Dardov may not be a household name in the MMA world, but his last fight has been seen by a lot more eyes than your average bout on a regional European card.

The Macedonian welterweight took on Pleurat Smajli at Munja Fighting Championships card in Zagreb, Croatia last Saturday.

Taking on Smajli in his own back yard, Dardov made it his mission to reduce the crowd in the lion’s den to a hush as he went swinging for the fences from the get-go.

Both fighters met in the centre of the cage, but Smajli made the vital error of flicking out his left hand to gauge distance before unloading with his right hand. Dardov utilise that split-second difference to his advantage by cracking his adversary with a thunderous right hand that sent the Croatian crashing down to the canvas.

He landed another wild right hand as Smajli dropped and followed him down to the ground to score two more vicious hammerfist before the referee came sprinting in to end the contest. He was awarded the knockout victory just four seconds into the bout.

Dardov appeared to enjoy playing the role of the villain as he danced around the cage, posing and flexing to celebrate the brutal finish while received jeers and whistles from the crowd.