WATCH: Joe Rogan better watch his back because Snoop Dogg's UFC 205 commentary was absolutely immense 6 years ago

WATCH: Joe Rogan better watch his back because Snoop Dogg's UFC 205 commentary was absolutely immense

If the UFC wants to smash PPV records, they should seriously consider hiring Snoop Dogg as an analyst.

One of the more intriguing fights on UFC 205 (a card stacked with intriguing fights) was the potential lightweight title eliminator between undefeated Sambo specialist Khabib Nurmagomedov and explosive striker Michael Johnson.


Johnson entered into the bout off the back of one of the most impressive victories of his career - a first round knockout over rising 155 lb star Dustin Poirier. His dancing partner Khabib had yet to be tested in his MMA career having steamrolled pretty much all of his opponents up until that point, and was looking to continue that trend in New York.

Nurmagomedov undoubtedly had the advantage in the grappling, while Johnson's knockout power, speed and footwork made some feel he may have the requisite tools to cause an upset. As it turned out that wasn't the case.

Although Johnson had some success on the feet in the early exchanges, once Khabib got a hold of him and secured the takedown, he just wore him down until he had no gas left in the tank before finishing him off with a kimura in the third round.


Khabib may very well have secured the next crack at lightweight champion Conor McGregor with that phenomenal performance. A master of his craft utilising it expertly to completely nullify his opponent's greatest weapons made for captivating viewing, but can anyone honestly say they remember any of the commentary during the fight?

That's not a knock against Joe Rogan, he may very well be the greatest educator in the history of the sport. For millions of fight fans, their first encounter with the more technical side of the game and developing that thirst for wanting to soak up more knowledge about its intricacies began with listening to Rogan's analysis on fight nights.

However, the problem with the UFC colour commentator is simple, he's not Snoop Dogg. The rap legend was also watching the Eagle dominate Johnson and he uploaded his commentary of the finish to Instagram. It was entertaining, informative, bold and brilliant. It was, by all accounts, memorable.


Dogg showed his expert knowledge of the brutality of combat by sensing the end was near well in advance of it happening.

"I got my money on this n**** Khabib. I never heard of him, but the way I'm seeing it he fuck this n**** up."

An incredible feat considering he had clearly never seen Khabib Nurmagomedov fight before, he had never heard of him nor did he know how to pronounce his admittedly very tricky name.

"I got Khabib Nurmagebov...dabov against anybody at lightweight, whoever lightweight."


A short pause was followed by a puff of smoke entering the shot and then came the analysis that would put the likes of Dan Hardy and Brian Stann to shame.

"Khabib playing games putting his nuts in his face and all kinds of shit."

He then enlightened his audience (some dude called Shaggy) on a rule in the sport that may have come into play at that moment in the fight.

"He hit him with the elbow backwards if he wanted to, Shaggy. You know that, right?"

Snoop knew at this point that it was game over, although he initially thought Khabib was trying to choke Johnson's arm unconscious.


"He ready to do something to choke this n**** out and get him submit. Told you he want the submission. He feeling like this n**** gonna submit."

When it was all over, he had his facts straight.

"Wow! N**** 24-0. He a bad motherfucker. That's my new n**** now."

What are you waiting for, UFC? Hire this guy already. You've got PPV gold right there.