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WATCH: Fighter saved by corner after referee inexplicably fails to stop fight
Dangerous and terrifying

There was a legitimately terrifying finish in the first Super Fight League semi-final on Friday, for all the wrong reasons.

Asha Roka bagged Sher-e-Punjab five points for her first round submission over Hannah Kampf of the Bengaluru Tigers, but the stoppage was so late, it never actually came.

Less than a minute into the fight, Roka locked in a guillotine choke. Using one arm to sink in the submission and her free arm to post up on the canvas ala Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping, Roka managed to choke her opponent out.

Kampf showed all the signs of being unconscious as her body flattened on the the mat and her arms went limp. Despite this, the referee kept his hands by his hips, bent down to look at the grappling exchange and allowed the fight to continue.

Somehow, Kampf appeared to come to in the middle of the choke. She raised her arms up, but was visibly dazed. Seeing that the stoppage wasn't going to come any time soon, Kampf's corner was forced to throw in the towel, which the referee did not notice. Her cornerman proceeded to run into the cage and peel Roka off in order to stop her from suffering any more needless damage.


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