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17th Jan 2016

WATCH: Cyborg absolutely demolishes another victim to defend Invicta title


Ben Kiely

Cristiane Justino made yet another serious statement at Invicta 15.

The Invicta FC featherweight champion (15-1-1NC) consistently seems to prove the vast gulf in class between herself and the rest of the 145 lbers and her main event clash against Daria Ibragimova (9-2) was no different.

Ibragimova tried to implement a gameplan of getting the Brazilian down to the mat, but Cyborg defended her attempts beautifully and remained patient in pursuit of the finish.

The challenger grabbed onto Cyborg’s left legin the final minute of the opening stanza to try to bring the fight to the ground, but Justino remained calm, defended well and waited until she could let loose with her hands.

Once Ibragimova lost her grip on Cyborg’s leg, the champion punished her with a powerful right hand that sent her crashing down to the canvass. Justino then pounced on her downed opponent and relentlessly landed brutal hammerfists until referee John McCarthy stopped the contest with two seconds left in the round. (5)