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05th May 2016

WATCH: Brendan Schaub expertly explains why Conor McGregor would easily beat Amir Khan

You are entering a world of pain

Patrick McCarry

MMA fighters and pundits can’t contain themselves when boxers talk up their chances in a whole new world.

Amir Khan is a massive MMA fan and ones a stake in the Super Fight League promotion.

Ahead of his title fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the Bolton boxer was happy to talk up a future mixed martial arts switch. He commented:

“I’ve always been a UFC fan and I like Conor McGregor and the way he promotes it. If I was to fight the champion around 147lb I would fancy my chances.”

One comment Khan made – talking up his prospects in the octagon – certainly got the attention of former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

Khan said, “I would not let anyone get close to me, I would take a step back and keep it long. I also believe that us boxers punch harder than MMA fighters anyway.” On his Fighter and the Kid podcast, Schaub responded:

“Especially Khan being a lighter guy, he’s hot going to be a knock-out guy. I don’t even know where to begin on this…

“He’s that boxer saying ‘I don’t need a ground game; I could walk into the octagon’… I’ll tell you this right now, you could take a low level amateur at 155 pounds – a guy who might not even make The Ultimate Fighter house – and he would mop the floor with Amir Khan. Mop the floor.

“All he would have to do would be cover up, get inside and get an underhook. [Khan] would go for a ride.”