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26th Jan 2015

Vine: UFC commentator tries to do Irish accent during Neil Seery’s fight, fails miserably

Ah bejaysus, ah begorrah

Ben Kiely

Mike Goldberg gave Colby Covington a run for his money on Saturday night

If you tuned in to the UFC on Fox 14 early prelims at the weekend, you would have seen Irish MMA veteran Neil Seery earn a spectacular decision victory over Chris Beal.

The Dubliner out-struck and out-worked the larger American to defy the odds and hand the young upstart his first loss in professional MMA. Seery put on an MMA clinic to sway the judges’ decision and claim his second win under the UFC banner.

There was one moment during Fox’s coverage that might have caused Irish fight fans’ noses to crinkle. It only happened for a split second and it is understandable that people were too mesmerised by Seery’s brilliance to hear it the first time round.

We are of course talking about the moment when Mike Goldberg tried his hand at an Irish accent and came up short by a good distance. This abysmal attempt makes Tom Cruise in Far and Away sound like Tommy Tiernan.

“Doob-ah-lin”. Oh dear.