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09th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub arguing about movement coaches is comedy gold

Big Brown's not a fan

Ben Kiely

Brendan Schaub is a bit skeptical of the latest trend to sweep MMA.

When we first saw Conor McGregor being encouraged by movement expert Ido Portal to fight candles on UFC Embedded, everyone was a little bit uncertain about his credentials.

After McGregor annihilated Jose Aldo in 13-seconds and he maintained that Portal’s influence played a big role in that win, the movement… eh, movement began to gain more credibility.

However, one man who is certainly not a believer in the power of movement coaches is Brendan Schaub. The former UFC heavyweight was in the studio for Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast on Saturday and he let loose on the entire trend.

The subsequent debate between himself and Rogan over the merits of fighters having movement coaches was massively entertaining. Schaub’s citing of Carlos Condit’s coach’s credentials of “playing with trees and rocks as a kid” as proof that the movement is a load of baloney was a particular highlight.