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03rd Nov 2015

VIDEO: First Conor McGregor, now this guy dared to fight The Mountain from Game of Thrones

Some of these shots are vicious!

Ben Kenyon

Is The Mountain from Game of Thrones thinking about launching a fight career?

Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays murderous monster-man Gregor Clegane in the TV series, certainly has been throwing his weight around this week.

The 30-stone two-time Europe’s Strongest Man was over in Ireland doing some bareknuckle flow sparring with none other than UFC interim champion Conor McGregor.

The size difference was quite incredible, but McGregor more than held his own.

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Now a video of the Icelandic giant has emerged doing full contact sparring with a boxer…and he really doesn’t hold back.

He hits the guy with some really vicious shots. But watch what happens to him at the end…

Could we soon be seeing this behemoth battering people in the ring or the Octagon? He might need to work on his defence and his fitness first.