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11th Jul 2015

VIDEO: Final UFC 189 Embedded cannot find a single fighter backing Conor McGregor

Not the favourite in their eyes

Patrick McCarry

‘Fuck everyone, doubting me. Doubting a professional. How can you doubt a professional?’

Conor McGregor appears wired to the moon in the ninth, and last, UFC 189 Embedded.

While Chad Mendes appears extremely chilled, ahead of his interim title clash with McGregor, the Irishman looks to be running on adrenaline.

We have already seen the footage of his run-in with Mendes’ buddy Urijah Faber, but the most interesting moments in this episode are McGreor’s demeanour. He seems on edge.

If that is the case, he would be best advised to avoid Episode 9 as a host of UFC fighters, at a Reebok-hosted pool party in Vegas, dismiss his chances against Mendes. Sure, some are associated the Mendes camp but not all.