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26th Jan 2015

VIDEO: Conor McGregor will host a Q&A on Friday ahead of the UFC 183 weigh-ins

We've a sneaking suspicion he might have a word to say about Jose Aldo

Darragh Murphy

The sound bite machine known as Conor McGregor is set to churn out some more gems when he takes control of his second UFC Q&A in three months.

“The Notorious” will be answering enquiries from the crowd ahead of the weigh-ins for UFC 183 which is headlined by Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz.

And we’re in for an absolute treat if McGregor’s last outing is anything to go by. When he hosted the Q&A before Jose Aldo’s latest title defence, against Chad Mendes in Brazil, he was on top form as you can see in the above video.

On that night, he antagonised the hostile crowd with statements like “No Brazilians will have a world title when I am done!” and “I will defend my belt in Brazil for my Brazilian fans.”

The language barrier held McGregor back a bit back in October as the translation between Portuguese and English took up a significant amount of time so we’re very much looking forward to what he brings to the table in front of a Vegas crowd.