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19th Sep 2015

VIDEO: BAMMA’s first ever women’s fight didn’t last very long

17 seconds

Darragh Murphy

It’s been a pretty good night for SBG.

With the likes of Dylan Tuke and Frans Mlambo having already earned first round victories, Sinead Kavanagh would have been very confident with John Kavanagh in her corner.

Kavanagh was one half of the first ever women’s bout in BAMMA history as she took on Hatice Ozyurt at Dublin’s 3Arena.

And it didn’t take long for her to make an impact on her home fans as she needed just 17 seconds to cement herself in the BAMMA history books.

Kavanagh timed a right hand that dropped Ozyurt who was so out of it while the SBG fighter landed vicious ground-and-pound that she continued her pursuit of a knee-bar long after the fight was waved off.