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31st Mar 2017

UFC knockout monster Mark Hunt’s huge new tattoo only makes him more terrifying

Didn't think it was possible

Ben Kiely

Mark Hunt is one scary individual.

Odds are, the ‘Super Samoan’ has the capability of killing anyone who’s reading this with his bear hands.

He cuts to make the 265 lb heavyweight limit and he knows exactly how to utilise all that mass to send trained murderers to the shadow realm. His heavy hands hit with the force of a tsunami and very little people can take his best haymaker without waking up a few moments later to cartoon birds flying around their heads.

He has turned iron chin to glass.

He has demolished skyscrapers.

He’s rendered so many people unconscious that he doesn’t even seem to enjoy doing it anymore.

One would have thought that it would be impossible for the one-time UFC title-challenger to become more intimidating.

Well, that isn’t the case. It turns out all he needed to do to achieve this was to add some new warpaint, which he received while doing a Fan Q&A on Facebook because, well, he’s Mark Hunt.

MMA fighter tattoos vary drastically in terms of quality, but Hunt’s nearly-finished product turned out pretty damn well.

Hunt posted the intricate chest-piece featuring some gnarly-looking skulls on his Instagram account and judging by the amount of bicep emojis in the caption, he’s pleased with the result.

Hunt’s next challenge is a bout against streaking heavyweight Derrick Lewis which will serve as the headliner of the card on June 11th in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand.


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