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13th Jul 2016

UFC 200 in slow motion: All the double legs, almost armbars and broken noses from Saturday night

Everything is better in slow motion

Darragh Murphy

It didn’t live up to expectations but, to be fair, that was always going to be a big ask.

UFC 200 was supposed to be the greatest show in MMA history and, on paper, it was just that.

The return of Brock Lesnar, a short-notice Anderson Silva fighting at light heavyweight and seven former or reigning champions all competed on the main card of the landmark event.

MMA’s answer to the Super Bowl was not the A+ that many expected it to be but it was a solid B.

On Wednesday, the UFC released the ‘Fight Motion’ footage of the event and you can almost feel the thud of every body blow, the terror of every Lesnar takedown attempt and the eye-watering pain of Miesha Tate’s broken nose.