Tyron Woodley warns Joe Rogan to watch his mouth after CM Punk comments 4 years ago

Tyron Woodley warns Joe Rogan to watch his mouth after CM Punk comments

Tyron Woodley is standing by his teammate.

Woodley has stood up for Roufusport training partner CM Punk following Joe Rogan's recent uncomplimentary comments about the former WWE superstar.


On a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan claimed that YouTube personality Logan Paul would fare better in the UFC than CM Punk did.

"Logan Paul is fucking way better, way better, than CM Punk," Rogan said. "Logan Paul like actually knows how to fight."

Following his white collar boxing match with fellow YouTuber KSI, Paul hinted at dipping his toes in the world of MMA but UFC President Dana White dismissed the possibility of letting Paul fight in the UFC, despite signing Punk to a deal four years ago.


The fact that he underwent an extensive boxing training camp and wrestled to qualification for the Ohio State Division I State Championships as a teenager means that Paul is already more experienced than Punk (real name Phil Brooks) was when he decided to move from WWE to UFC.

Punk was dominated on two of his Octagon outings and is unlikely to ever compete in the UFC again but Woodley, the organisation's welterweight champion, doesn't take kindly to any negative comments about his friend.

"Watch your mouth Joe," Woodley said on the Hollywood Beatdown. "First thing I have to stand on Joe Rogan’s stones. Come up off my homie CM Punk. You got smoke with him, you got smoke with me. So, watch your mouth."