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21st Sep 2017

It only took Jeremy Stephens a year to finally respond to Conor McGregor’s devastating burn

How embarrassing

Ben Kiely

Jeremy Stephens

Timing beats speed, Jeremy Stephens. Timing beats speed.

It’s just unfortunate that in this instance, Jeremy Stephens really needed to be quick in order to achieve perfect comedic timing.

If you’re a hardcore MMA fan, you know who all about Jeremy Stephens. Even if you don’t follow the sport and you don’t think you know the guy, trust us, you probably have heard of him.

While you may not recognise his name, you may recognise the phrase that made him infamous to a mainstream audience.

“Who the fuck is that guy?”

A year ago this month, Conor McGregor verbally knocked Stephens out with that astonishing put-down at the Go Big press conference in Las Vegas. Lil’ Heathen was trying to talk his way into a red panty night by taking on the master of trash talk in his domain. At his first attempt, he was viciously stopped in his tracks with that snappy phrase that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Now, over 12 months later, he has finally found his chosen response.

Timing, Jeremy. It’s all about timing.