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20th Aug 2017

Only Rory MacDonald could get away with this response to high-profile offer


Ben Kiely

Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonald loves a scrap.

Outside of the cage, Rory MacDonald is a mild-mannered gentleman with a wicked sense of humour.

Once those cage doors close shut though, you witness the metamorphosis. He straps on those 4oz gloves, bites down on that mouthpiece and makes that walk to the cage as an absolute savage who’s out for blood.

Whether it’s his opponent’s blood or his own, it doesn’t matter. The man just wants to be a part of the beautiful carnage of the purest form of combat sports.

After he was brought to the brink during what Dana White described as ‘the greatest fight of… ever’ against Robbie Lawler, he called being brutally knocked out after having his nose smashed in the ‘greatest moment’ of his life.

MacDonald perfectly embodies the ‘let your fists do the talking’ mentality. While he’s one of the greatest fighters to ever grace an Octagon, he’s not the type of cat to make a snappy soundbite to sell some more PPVs. It’s just not in his character.

That’s why when he let it known to the world that he had yet to book a sophomore bout for Bellator MMA, you always got the feeling he wasn’t going to try to book a fight through social media.

Sure enough, the inevitable offer came his way. Former lightweight champion Michael Chandler entered into the equation to try to make a fantasy fight happen that would be sure to get fans salivating.

Like MacDonald, Chandler is also cut from a tough, gritty cloth. The type of cloth that makes someone ignore nerve damage in his leg that prevents him from standing and gives out to the referee for trying to protect his well-being.

Hell yeah! Sign us up.

Who wouldn’t want to see two of Bellator’s most technical and violent stars duking it out for our entertainment?

MacDonald wouldn’t even have to talk smack to make it happen. Considering how popular this match-up would be, all that he would have to do to put those wheels in motion would be to give him the ol’ ‘any place, any time’ response.

Damn… well, that actually makes quite a lot of sense.