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06th Jul 2016

PICS: Sage Northcutt leaks remarkably unremarkable new fight kit for UFC 200


Ben Kiely

There’s going to be some very slight changes to the athletes’ uniforms fight kits for the landmark UFC 200 event.

Between its abysmal launch, the x-rated malfunctions and the fact that fighters who’ve left the promotion have cited the outfitting policy as one of the major reasons behind their decision, it’s safe to say the fight kit hasn’t enjoyed the best of times during its brief but memorable stint in the UFC.

One of the main issues fans in particular have with the kits though, is the fact that, aside from what the champions get to wear, they all look pretty much identical.

Well, as Mark Hunt showed us earlier in the week, this is set to change at UFC 200… kinda.

Sage Northcutt, the young, ripped calf that the UFC are steadily feeding with the hope that he’ll blossom into a prized cash-cow a la Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, is set to fight on the prelims of the landmark event against the guy who played very tactical smart game in our fantasy royal rumble.

Super Sage has been leaking the subtle changes to the kits on his social media profiles and they are very underwhelming.

For a start, the gloves are slightly different. No, they haven’t been changed to lower the risk of eye-pokes like Joe Rogan’s been crying out for. They just have some fancy gold writing on them.

How neat.

Northcutt also confirmed that the shorts will change for the event and they look pretty much the exact same as the pair we saw Mark Hunt donning earlier in the week i.e. they’re blue.