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09th Mar 2016

PIC: Holly Holm is already back in the gym drilling rear naked choke defence


Darragh Murphy

Holly Holm isn’t messing about.

The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion lost her belt in her first title defence when she was submitted by Miesha Tate at the death on Saturday night.

Holm was up on the judges’ scorecards and was well on her way to keeping her belt, whether Tate won the final round or not, as Tate’s 10-8 in the second round meant that a draw was the best she could hope for.

That second round was a grappling exhibition from ‘Cupcake’ and she came within a whisker of sinking in the rear naked choke but it wasn’t to be.

That was, until there were just 90 seconds remaining in the bout and Tate put everything on the line to dive on a takedown.

She took Holm’s back once more, sunk her forearm under Holm’s chin and choked the then-champion into unconsciousness.

But, credit to Holm, she’s back in the gym mere days later and guess what sequence she’s drilling?

That’s right, ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ is already working on how to defend against the choke that resulted in her leaving Las Vegas without her 135 lb belt.


Teammate Diego Sanchez shared the picture and it shows just how determined Holm is to improve and get right back into the Octagon to reclaim her title.