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04th May 2017

People actually fell for sarcastic jab at Conor McGregor from arguably the world’s greatest boxer

This was an obvious one

Ben Kiely

It may be the trendy thing to do right now, but not every MMA star wants to try their hand at boxing, and vice versa.

Ever since Conor McGregor started pursuing his diamond-encrusted panty night against Floyd Mayweather, we have seen a plethora of mixed martial artists call out boxers.

Anderson Silva, Jimi Manuwa, even Jose Aldo have all stated they want in on the heavier glove action. However, it appears as though just as many fighters are poking fun at McGregor’s lemmings as they are trying to imitate them.

The two-weight world champion Vasyl Lomachenko appears to fall in the first camp, but his highly sarcastic tweet about trading the ring for the Octagon was actually bought by quite a few of his followers.

Lomachenko is regarded by many to be one of, if not, the P4P greatest boxer in the world, and that’s only after eight professional fights. Albeit, his professional career began after he racked up a ridiculous 396-1 amateur record.

Although he was seen recently sparring with former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw (in a massively disappointing clip) no one’s really expecting him to change disciplines so soon after reaching the zenith of the boxing world.

Well, some people did and he was forced to explain the joke, thus killing it.