Paulie Malignaggi insults Conor McGregor in explosive interview following UFC 229 defeat 4 years ago

Paulie Malignaggi insults Conor McGregor in explosive interview following UFC 229 defeat

It was only a matter of time before Paulie Malignaggi started hurling insults...

Everyone has been having their say on UFC 229 and the absolute madness that ensued following Khabib Nurmagomedov's win over Conor McGregor.


One man who was bound to have something to say following McGregor's loss was former boxing world champion, Paulie Malignaggi.

The two-weight world champion famously flew in to Las Vegas last year to help McGregor train for his boxing debut with Floyd Mayweather. However, their relationship turned very sour, very quickly.


Following the fallout, footage was subsequently released that showed McGregor flooring the New Jersey boxer.

Malignaggi claimed to have been set-up by the McGregor and camp, and the leaked video clip did not reflect the true nature of how their sparring sessions unfolded.

The pair then crossed paths the week of his fight with Floyd Mayweather where they had a heated argument in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.


Ever since, Malignaggi has been hurling insults in McGregor's direction, possibly because he is angling for a comeback fight against the Irish man. One that would be very lucrative.

Speaking following UFC 229, the boxer went to town on Conor McGregor, as well as his fans and his team, including coaches John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy.



Malignaggi claimed the fight went how he had predicted, something that McGregor's fans had been abusing him for.

"I did see the McGregor fight with Khabib and I didn't really have a conclusion about it, it's what I've been saying. I don't know how many of these bitches need to keep doubting what I've been saying.

"This guy's got no balls, no character, and he showed that in the fight again."

The former champion proceeded with his foul mouth rant calling McGregor a pussy who has no balls or character.

"When you're a pussy, it's always going to come out when you're in combat sports. You can only hide that fact for so long, because you're going to get crushed. To the point where you're going to have to show some balls. 



"This guy, and I've been saying this for a while, is going to go down as the most overrated guy in mixed-martial-arts history. He continuously signs checks that his ass can't cash."

He claimed that McGregor's record was salty at best and that the only good name he had on his CV was an 'old' Jose Aldo.

"He had an over-hyped record on the come up. He had some good wins, but really what guys did he beat that are going to be put in the hall of fame?

"Don't give me the 175 year old Jose Aldo because that doesn't count, because he was 175 years old and was already shot. 


"Aside from that what wins does he have that you say 'Oh my God, this is a great fighter'.

"This is the most over-hyped in combat sports history."

Malignaggi clearly hasn't heard of Eddie Alvarez, Max Holloway, Nate Diaz or Dustin Poirier, but whatever.

He ridiculed McGregor's performance at UFC 229, claiming the Dubliner looked for a way out from the second round.

"This guy constantly loses with no balls, the choke wasn't even on his throat last night. He tapped out before the choke was even in. He couldn't wait to get out of that fight, he couldn't get out fast enough. 

"If you watch from round two he's already attempting to give his back from round two, Khabib wouldn't let him, he didn't want him to quit, he wanted to punish him and bring the bitch out in him. 


"That's what I said about this fight, there's no way he's going to survive. He's too much of a bitch to survive.

"It was such a nonchalant ass-whooping. He made a total bitch out of this guy."

Malignaggi addressed the madness that ensued following the fight and laughed his way through analysing how Nurmagomedov's team beat the shit out of Conor and his corner men.

"Then on top of it. His posse beat the fuck out of Conor's posse too. 

"I'll give Dillon Danis credit, he tried to fight them off. Look at Owen Roddy and John Kavanagh they didn't know which direction to run first. The only one that was fighting was Dillon Danis. 


"Khabib's posse jumping in the cage and beating the shit out of Conor... Conor got disrespected like the bitch you are you are, bro.

"But when you are a bitch people aren't going to respect you, you had that coming.

"They got thugged up left, right and centre. I was embarrassed for him."

You can watch the 30 minute long interview here.