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26th Aug 2018

UFC star’s much-anticipated call out was a real head-scratcher

He called out three very different fighters

Ben Kiely

Mickey Gall

UFC welterweight Mickey Gall should adopt ‘The Call Out’ as his fight moniker.

Some fighters are knockout artists, some are submission specialists and while Mickey Gall is certainly the latter, he could be more of a call out artist. Every single one of his MMA wins have been followed by an eyebrow-raising call out.

After winning his professional debut in front of the cast and crew of Dana White’s Looking For A Fight, Gall called out a very high-profile recent signee.

“Hey Dana White, I don’t know if CM Punk has an opponent, but I’d love to fight that man.”

After beating Mike Jackson in his UFC debut, Gall cut the promo for the sophomore fight.

“Last time I was on the mic, I was talking about one guy and I’m still thinking about one guy. I want to be fed. I’m hungry. Feed me CM Punk, please!”

Once he defeated Punk, he grabbed hold of the mic again to call out another fighter who was discovered through DWLFAF.

“I want to fight Super Sage Northcutt. I think that boy’s corny, I want to punch the spikes out of his hair. Hey, they say we’re Dana White Looking For A Fight young guns, let us bang out. They say guys like us might get protection. Fuck that! I want war!”

Raising eyebrows like the Rock

Then the standard of the call outs started slipping. Following the Northcutt bout, Gall decided to call out one of the UFCs analysts.

“I’d like to welcome back Dan Hardy.”

Hardy had not competed in four years due to a heart condition. The former UFC welterweight graciously declined the offer, admitting that he wouldn’t like to fight a future contender. So Gall fought fellow DWLFAF star Randy Brown next.

Gall lost the fight in New York via unanimous decision, meaning he wasn’t given an opportunity to call anyone out. However, after a nine-month break from the sport, he bounced back from his career loss with another rear-naked choke victory at UFC Lincoln. He sunk in the submission against George Sullivan at 1:09 of the opening round.

As expected, Gall had a big victory speech prepared. He opted to call out three fighters, two of whom he has already fought.

“I want to talk about my next fight. I want to fight in the Garden, I want to go back November 3, Madison Square Garden. Either I want to run it back, the guy I fought there last time. I’ll run it back with Sage Corncutt, or I want a legend. I want Diego Sanchez. The Garden. I’m back, baby.”

Although he didn’t mention him by name, asking for another crack at Brown made sense. As did calling out Diego Sanchez, who is still a fan-favourite despite being far from his prime. However, why call out Northcutt again? Especially with that terrible pun paying tribute to Lincoln? He’s already beaten him fairly decisively.

Perhaps his goal was to get people talking. If so, mission accomplished.