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15th Nov 2016

Michael Bisping shows genuine class towards Chris Weidman following devastating defeat

Very big of him

Ben Kiely

“Class” isn’t a word you’d necessarily associate with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

‘The Count’ has played the heel role throughout the entirety of his UFC career. Between relentlessly trash-talking opponents, the infamous spitting incident during the Jorge Rivera fight and up until relatively recently, his penchant for falling at the crucial last hurdle before title fights, people have always found a reason to despise Michael Bisping.

However, after a spectacular 2016 that saw him defeat Anderson Silva, knock out Luke Rockhold to claim that coveted golden strap and give legendary fighter Dan Henderson a retirement fight befitting of his incredible career, more and more fight fans have started to warm to the Clitheroe combatant.

Not that he’s strayed too far from his antics, they’re just being appreciated more.

Former champion Chris Weidman has made the grave error of trying to beat Bisping at his own game. The All-American had been actively campaigning to get a crack at Bisping’s belt next while he even went as far to say that the Brit ducked him by taking on Dan Henderson in Manchester.

Unsurprisingly, Bisping didn’t take this accusation lightly and fired back at Weidman during an appearance on UFC Unfiltered calling him a cry baby, a fucking douchebag and even taking shots at his faith.

“He should shut the fuck up, he’s not part of god’s plan. If there is a god he’s got bigger fish to fry than Chris Weidman and his fucking life.”

The script was written for Weidman and Bisping to finally do battle inside the Octagon. The New York native was matched up with a dream fight on the main card of the UFC’s first ever event in his home city. To the victor went the spoils of a title shot against Bisping, but Yoel Romero’s terrifying flying knee spoiled the party.

The loss marked Weidman’s second straight following his belt-losing performance to Luke Rockhold at UFC 194. Before going on this skid, he was undefeated in MMA and was demolishing legends such as Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort with ease. It’s now time for the former champion to go back to the drawing board, as he must know his hopes of regaining his belt have hit a massive stumbling block.

Bisping is well aware of this too and rather than kick his rival while he was down, he reached out to the wounded warrior on social media with some words of encouragement, a gesture which Weidman appreciated.