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28th May 2018

Michael Bisping surprised himself with remarkable recovery from embarrassing fall

Nailed it!

Ben Kiely

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is a tough man to finish.

In a decade-and-a-half of professional MMA, Michael Bisping has been finished just five times. Two of those losses came in his last two trips to the Octagon too. Simply put, Bisping is a tough man to put away. Sometimes, not even gravity can do it.

“The Count” was working the Fox desk for the UFC’s Liverpool debut on Sunday. Although he was far away from the cage, the Clitheroe clobberer very nearly suffered his third successive loss. This time it wasn’t the great GSP or rising star Kelvin Gastelum that was causing him problems. This time, it was a humble chair that tried to get one over on the legendary fighter.

Bisping got a little too comfortable watching the highlights of Gillian Robertson’s vicious submission of Molly McCann. He made the grave error of leaning back without checking his chair placement. That wasn’t the brightest idea given the layout of the Fox Studio. He kept leaning and leaning until eventually, gravity took over.

Using cat-like reflexes, Bisping somehow managed to recover in time to land on his feet. Even he was surprised about how well he stuck the landing.

You want more angles, you say?

The wide shot was good, the close-ups were better.

We have to dock a few style points for the amount of time it took him to peel the chair off his hoop. Other than that, he nailed the landing.