Paulie Malignaggi's lack of respect for MMA ended remarkably quickly 5 years ago

Paulie Malignaggi's lack of respect for MMA ended remarkably quickly

Paulie Malignaggi has beefed with every UFC featherweight champion apart from Jose Aldo, at this stage.

The former boxing world champion eyes have turned to dollar signs over that potential Red Panty Night against Conor McGregor.


Since he was drafted in as Conor McGregor's sparring partner for the Floyd Mayweather bout, Malignaggi tried his utmost to steal as much of the limelight as possible. He took every interview that was offered and when the shit hit the proverbial, he only popped up in the media more after rage quitting the camp.

the retired pugilist clearly wants a huge payday against McGregor. If that was ever in doubt, his 'winner takes all' offer to McGregor complete with the promise of a forfeit should he not get the finish made it glaringly obvious.

Plus, he hasn't stopped yapping about the fight on social media since it happened.


Somewhat surprisingly, former McGregor foe and current UFC featherweight king Max Holloway took issue with Malignaggi's comments.

If Malignaggi wanted another experience of how well MMA fighters can let those fists fly, Holloway was more than willing to give him another taste.


High horse merchant Malignaggi fired back with some of the cringiest trash talk you'll ever see in 140 characters or less.

He called the undisputed UFC champion a troll and a weirdo, but actually ended with what could be perceived as a compliment. He knows who Holloway is and has seen him fight... but does he have respect for him or his MMA brethren?



Oh no! How will we sleep at night? Malignaggi no longer respects MMA!

He seemed pretty stubborn in his ways too. Surely, it would take a lot of time before MMA could win back his respect.

Or maybe not. Maybe it would only take 15 minutes.


Good ol' Jorge Masvidal to the rescue. Winning over the disgruntled boxers one tweet at a time.