Man who Conor McGregor destroyed tried to dance with the wrong UFC star's girlfriend 3 years ago

Man who Conor McGregor destroyed tried to dance with the wrong UFC star's girlfriend

Jeremy Stephens learned the hard way that dancing up on another fighter's other half is a bad idea.

You have to feel sorry for 'Lil' Heathen', because that moniker isn't how he's known by to most people.

The knockout monster is one of the most feared knockout artists in the featherweight division, but because he tried to enter into Conor McGregor's domain of trash talk at the UFC 205 press conference, he will forever be referred to as that snappy soundbite 'the Notorious' used to destroy him.

Just TJ Dillashaw will always be a snake in the grass, fans will always be asking, 'Who the fook is that guy?' of Stephens.

That wouldn't be the last time Stephens walked away from a UFC event with a bruised ego. While attending the recent UFC Athlete Retreat in Las Vegas, that's right, the one where Cyborg punched Angela Magana, he got into a bit of an altercation with rising welterweight sensation Mike Perry.

Perry explained what went down on Monday's MMA Hour.

"Altercation, man? I pushed him to the ground. That was it."

Just in case you're unaware of who Perry is, check out his knockout of veteran fighter Jake Ellenberger and you'll understand why you wouldn't want to be in his bad books.

He claimed that Stephens tried to dance with his girlfriend during a concert at the retreat. However, he did so in what he reckons was a disrespectful manner.

"We weren't supposed to have our girlfriends there, whatever, but we did. He walked up behind her and tried to dance up on her. It was very disrespectful on his part because he knew what was up. So I shoved him and he didn't want nothing to do with it."

Perry believes Stephens knew what he was doing was wrong, but once he landed butt-first on the ground, he didn't want any part of it.

"He had to have known it. It's ok though, he didn't want nothing to do with me after I pushed him... I sat there and I looked at him and I waited for a response if he had something to say, if he wanted to get up quickly and rush at me... none of that happened."

"A couple of UFC fighters (said) 'Don't get suspended. Don't get cut. It's not worth it.' I'm like, 'I'm fine, man. I didn't do a thing.' He got to watch my personal space and his personal space. He can't be all up in my stuff. Then I turned around - it was about a minute - and then I walked away. The retreat was over, Snoop Dogg was gone and it was time to go gamble or do something else in Vegas."