Jose Aldo's fan service following second successive knockout loss was really appreciated 2 years ago

Jose Aldo's fan service following second successive knockout loss was really appreciated

"I think Brazil should be building statues of that guy in all the favelas. He's a legend. He's the GOAT.' - Max Holloway on the great Jose Aldo.

UFC 218 was a tough watch for Brazilian MMA fans. The most nationalistic supporters in the sport could only look on as every single one of their compatriots competing in the event suffered knockout losses.

Despite knocking down Yancy Medeiros twice, Alex Oliveira was laid out by the Hawaiian in the third round of their ultra-violent fight of the night. After putting Paul Felder in all kinds of terrible positions on the ground, Charles Oliveira could only turtle up until the referee had seen as many devastating elbows to the head as he could stomach.

Then in the main event, they were forced to endure Jose Aldo, the greatest featherweight champion ever, a man who went nearly a decade without tasting defeat, get outclassed and beaten to a bloody pulp by Max Holloway.

Defeated, finished but the three Brazilian fighters were by no means embarrassed by their performances in Detroit. They had their moments, they left it all in the cage and while they will be unhappy with the outcomes of their respective contests, they can all be proud of the mettle they showed in defeat.

For that reason, the three Brazilian lions posing for a photograph after the event with smiles washed across their swollen faces truly was a sight to behold.

Leaning on the shoulders of your fellow warriors is one thing, but repaying loyal fans for their support directly after suffering a vicious beatdown requires incredible strength.

Aldo knows that will likely be his last shot at UFC gold for a while, if not, ever. In order to get another crack at the 145 lb belt, he will need a man who has racked up 12-straight victories to be dethroned. There is no easy anecdote to relieve that sinking feeling.

Yet, in one of his darkest hours of his career, when he was approached by a fan wearing one of his t-shirts in the hotel, he took the time to show some appreciation for the man's loyalty. With a busted up face and all that negativity swirling around his head, he embraced the fan, thanked him, conversed with him and posed for pictures.

The Jose Aldo era may be over, but it won't be soon forgotten.