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18th Jul 2016

UFC commentator reveals ‘the untold millions’ Jon Jones’ failed drug test could cost him

This could explain the tears

Ben Kiely

One failed drug test has set Jon Jones back millions.

Failing that pre-fight drug test before the landmark UFC 200 card has already cost the former light heavyweight champion.

That Usada violation has seen him miss out on a record payday, lose his status as the UFC’s pound-for-pound king and it may have destroyed his relationship with Dana White beyond repair. However, where Jones will really notice the impact is in his future earnings, according to UFC commentator Jon Anik.

Bones was considered to be one of the biggest draws in the sport, hence why he was chosen to fill the Conor McGregor-shaped void in 200’s headline act, and Anik believes his potential earnings if he had actually fought on UFC 200 could have been astronomical.

He broke down how much Jones is set to lose out on during a recent episode of the Anik and Florian podcast.

“The financial swing for Jones here is absolutely incredible. I’m sure for fans that’s not their foremost concern, but we’re sort of advancing the story a little bit here or at least talking about this several days after it happened.”

“The untold millions he isn’t realizing because he can’t make the walk in certain spots in his career. Now, they say he might have made from UFC 200 alone, so if he’s suspended for 12 months or 24 months, Kenny, that might be like a 25 or $30 million loss by ingesting whatever supplement he popped for.”

Despite his “B” sample also coming back positive, Jones will still be allowed an appeal process by Usada. However, should he receive a guilty verdict, he could be staring down the barrel of a two-year suspension.