Jon Jones absolutely destroys Daniel Cormier with sensational weigh-in burn 5 years ago

Jon Jones absolutely destroys Daniel Cormier with sensational weigh-in burn

Hands up how many people had the same thought about Daniel Cormier at the UFC 210 weigh-ins.

We realise asking our readers for a show of hands is a pointless venture. Just let us know in the comments on Twitter or Facebook if seeing that scale read 206.2 lbs made you think that the UFC light heavyweight champion would be regretting doing that parody song for the 7th Annual MMA Awards in which he professes his love for junk food.


I mean, 'I'm all about that cake, bout that cake and chicken'... that chorus must have been bouncing around his head while the title fight was up in the air.

A brief recap for those of you who missed it. Cormier was set to fight Anthony Johnson in UFC 210's main event with the 205 lb strap going on the line. He left the weigh-in incredibly late and came in over the limit on the first attempt. Less than three minutes later, he re-emerged and tipped the scales at 205 lbs on the button.

Fortunately for DC, the fight was scheduled for Buffalo, New York and the NYASC allow championship fighters a second crack at weighing in. However, the remarkable weigh loss in such a short time period was highly suspicious. DC put it down to the scales being off, while his arch nemesis, Jon Jones reckons his use of a towel was 'blatant foul play'.


Either way, the controversy will leave an indelible mark on the second round submission win over Rumble. One thing's for sure, Jones isn't going to forget about it anytime soon.